Books donated to SPL

The following books have been donated to the Simsbury Public Library by the Simsbury Garden Club in memory of special members and occasions for the enjoyment of all gardeners.  They were chosen to enhance the libraries collection due to their relevance, usefulness, practical knowledge and beauty.  Check one out and enjoy.  Look for recently purchased books on “NEW” shelves (with orange tape on spines) and may be listed as “NEW xxx.yyy” in the library catalog for up to a year.  Most books have a small flower sticker on the top of the spine to make them easier to spot.

Title Author Call Number published Dedicated to Year
Pollinator Friendly Gardening : Gardening for Bees, Butterflies, and Other Pollinators Rhonda Fleming Hayes 638.5789 HAYES 2016 In memory of Rae Blackmon 2017-04
Garden Inspirations Charlotte Moss OVERSIZE 747.98 MOSS 2015 In Memory of Lina Wagner 2017-01
The Art of Gardening : design inspiration and innovative planting techniques from Chanticleer Roger William Thomas 635 THOMAS 2015 In Memory of Joanie McKeever 2016-10
Hershey Gardens – The Cornfield that Blossomed with roses Mary David Houts 338.7664 HOUTS 2006 In Memory of Bernice Martin 2016-02
Grow your own for kids Chris Collins and Lia Leendertz 635 Collins 2012 In Memory of Shirley Metzger 2015-10
Fresh flower arranging Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks 745.92 WELFORD 2011 In Memory of Marilyn Yates 2015-09
The right-size flower garden Kerry Ann Mendez 635.9 Mendez 2015 In Memory of Lois Comstock 2015-06
The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens : a people’s garden William Cullina, Dorothy E. Freeman, Barbara Hill Freeman 712.0973 Cullina 2012 In Memory of Martha Mitterling 2015-03
The Homeowner’s Complete Tree and Shrub Handbook Penelope O’Sullivan 635.977 O’SULLIVAN 2007 In Memory of Mardy Chapin 2013
Art and the gardener : fine painting as inspiration for garden design Gordon Hayward 712 Hayward 2009 Dedicated to the memory of Bunny Millan.   Creative artist, accomplished gardener and dedicated library patron. 2012
Fresh flower arranging Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks 745.92 WELFORD 2011 In Memory of Elnora Case 2011
Growing Perennials in Cold Climates Mike Heger, Debbie Lonnee & John Whitman 635.932 HEGER 2011 In Memory of Helen Kaman 2011
Garden to Vase Linda Beutler 635.966 BEUTLER 2007 In Memory of Doris Cannon 2009
The New Encyclopedia of Daylilies Ted L. Petit and John P. Peat 635.934 PETIT 2008 In Memory of Barbara Stewart 2008
The Well-Tended Perennial Garden – Expanded Edition Tracy DiSabato-Aust 635.932 DISABATO-AUST 2006 In Memory of Edess “Des” Kilbourn 2007
The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher Robert Burton 639.9 BURTON 1999 In Memory of Betty Kleiner 2007
Native Trees, Shrubs & Vines  William Cullina 635.977 CULLINA 2002 In Memory of Ruth Fleet 2006
Hydrangeas for American Gardens Michael A. Dirr 635.93372 DIRR 2004 In Memory of Edna L. Nelson 2005
Tasha Tudor’s Garden Tovah Martin 635.9092 MARTIN 1994 In Memory of Eleanor Pratt Humphrey 2002
Perennials for the Backyard Gardner Patricia L. Turcotte 635.932 TURCOTTE 1993 In Memory of Linnea Keily 2002
Taylor’s Guide to Growing North America’s Favorite Plants Barbara W. Ellis 635.9097 ELLIS 1998 In Memory of Susa Watson 2000
Perennial All Stars Jeff Cox 635.932 COX 1998 In Memory of Julia (Judy) Igleheart 2000
Perennials for Every Purpose Larry Hodgson 635.932 Hodgson 2000 In Memory of Esther Peek Warner 2000
Magic of Irises Barbara Perry Lawton 635.934 LAWTON 1998 In memory of Hargaret Hazelwood by the Ladies of the Club 2000
Gardening with Native Wild Flowers Samuel B Jones & Leonard E Foote 635.9 JONES 1990 Memory of Birginia Phillips 1991
Gardening 101: learn how to plan, plant and maintain a garden edited by Margaret Roach and Douglas Brenner 635 GARDENING 2000 “Given by the Simsbury Garden Club Junior and Intermediate Gardeners: Chairman Jane Hannah & Lauren Miller”
Backyard Giants Susan Warren 635.62 WARREN 2007 In Memory of Doris Cannon
Sunset Northeastern Garden Book edited by Anne Halpin 635.9 SUNSET 2001 In Memory of Carroll Rohrer President 1973-1974
Natural Companions: the garden lover’s guide to plant combinations Ken Druse OVERSIZE 635 DRUSE 2012 In Memory of Bunny Millan “Creative artist, accomplished gardener, dedicated library patron.”
The Book of Fresh Flowers: A Complete Guide to Selecting and Arranging Malcolm Hillier OVERSIZE 745.922 HIL 1988 In Memory of Virginia Phillips “An enthusiastic, supportive, respected,loved and longtime member of the Simsbury Garden Club”