• Preparing for the plant sale (potting up plants and items for tag sale)

    Suggestions for digging and potting your plants to donate to plant sale:

    Put crumpled newspaper in bottom of pots to keep soil from washing out and adding moisture and some bulk.
    Shorter pots are better than tall since they don’t use as much soil
    Start potting early so plants are established and strong and look good for the sale (plants get stressed when potted and take a week or so to recover and perk up)
    Larger plants/divisions are preferred to smaller divisions.
    Include a label with: Name of plant, sun/shade, bloom color (if appropriate), any other info you feel is useful
    We plan to have separate areas for members herbs, trees/shrubs, sun perennials and shade perennials.
    Suggested items to donate for the “Tag Sale
    large planters—clean and in good condition
    tools in good shape
    anything related to plants or flowers—could be a garden decoration, something with a floral design, etc.
    Drop off clean Tag Sale Items at Janet’s house.

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